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The Bitterroot Series

  • Bitterroot Memories

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       He had his head tipped to one side, studying her, a solemn expression on his face. Slowly, he dismounted and came around to stand between the horses. He took her foot out of its stirrup and reached up to unwind her other leg from its perch. When he put his hands under her arms and lifted her down Jenny felt as light as a feather. Her eyes came level with his and she didn’t look away. Her feet touched the ground and he took her hat off her head, hung it on his saddle horn, and lowered his lips to hers.

       This is perfectly right, she thought as he kissed her. It was as if Jake’s arms had been holding her all her life. Would it be like that forever?

  • Bitterroot Mesa

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       Cat McGavin had packed up her clothes, her dog, and her broken heart, and moved back to her lakeside home in the little town of Conner's Crossing, Montana. Sincere friendships and the slower pace of small-town living beckoned beyond her ability to ignore them. Now, as she carried her belongings to the house, the unseasonable heat of mid-state Montana overwhelmed her. Following a life-long habit, she peeled out of her clothes and ran toward the diving board at the end of her private dock. Too late, she saw a figure near the only house on the other side of the lake; a house that had been empty for months. She hit the water and sank, letting only her nose and eyes break the surface. The figure was still there...a man...scanning the lake where she had disappeared.

  • Bitterroot Wonder

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       Tom was sorry he'd hurt her, but the women he dated didn't have regrets when he moved on. Shannon would be too easily crushed. "I told you I don't have what you want," he said. She went stone silent and he saw blue crystals sparkling at the backs of her eyes. Green, brown, or blue...those sparks he understood.
       The anger of disappointment and defeat sucked the air from her lungs. "You are an arrogant SOB," she hissed quietly. "Just how could poor, easy, useable me ever be a weight on your conscience?"

  • Bitterroot Mist

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  • Bitterroot Hope

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