Ever since I could hold a pencil I’ve been compelled to find a blank piece of paper and fill it with words but, oddly enough, I didn’t start with stories. I wrote letters. I wrote letters to relatives, letters to friends, and letters to pen pals. When a sibling who shared my interest in horses and dogs moved to the other side of the state the letters flew back and forth. Several times a week I would find a No.10 envelope filled with as many as seven handwritten pages and I would reply with even more. This went on for years.


When my husband traveled for his company I found myself spending more and more time putting pen to paper. Then a friend asked me to do an article for a nationally known horse magazine. It was published and the seed was sown! The stories I’d been throwing away were still in my head so I started threading them together into something that would become, I hoped, book-length. Several unrelated short stories were published, but there was always the idea of that book! It morphed into the idea of even more books and the Bitterroot series was born!


Labradors are my favorite dogs so I’m especially pleased to introduce you to the canine character, Blackjack, in “Bitterroot Mesa”, the second book in the series. I hope you enjoy!


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